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Mar 27, 2013
This week’s episode of Bad Girls Club had quite a few nasty, WTF moments. Let’s discuss! 3. Hooking up in the skating rink

This week’s episode of Bad Girls Club had quite a few nasty, WTF moments. Let’s discuss!

3. Hooking up in the skating rink

Rocky, Rice, Skating Rink

Silly me, I thought skating rinks were for, uh, skating. Maybe sometimes even the Hokey Pokey or the chicken dance. For new lesbian Rocky and her plaything Rice, the skating rink is also for getting it on. And not just the “let’s squeeze in a quick kiss,” but rather “Let me simulate riding a motorcycle on top of you.” 

2. Brokedown Sugar Daddies

mr. yes, bad girls club, shannon

All season we’ve heard Shannon brag about Mr. Yes. Well, he’s finally coming to the house and Shannon is excited because that means there will be “Presidentials” and “ice.”  So he arrives and actually looks like Mr. Oh My God No! And despite his gold teeth, I imagine the only President he knows is Washington, and maybe Lincoln on occasion.

1. Hooking up with Brokedown Sugar Daddies in front of your roommates

brokedown, rocky, shannon, moses, mr.yes

If I had a Washington for every time one of the girls mentioned they were starving for peen I’d be able to hang out with Shannon and her Presidential crowd. So this week as we know, Mr. Yes is in town, as is Rocky’s boy Moses. And these girls want their sausage and they want it now! So they start grinding on their men in front of their disgusted roommates. Alicia remarks that she is going to get sick. Me too Alicia. Me too.

So there you have it. You have learned three important ways in how not to behave in public!

Till next week—

Liz Out Loud


Bad Girls Club
Liz Out Loud
Mar 21, 2013
Even the most educated minds in the world can learn something from Bad Girls Club. Here are some new words of wisdom we can all live by,...

Even the most educated minds in the world can learn something from Bad Girls Club. Here are some new words of wisdom we can all live by, courtesy of Tuesday night’s episode.

1) Never say that a Bad Girl has been pimped a million times.

You can slap a bitch, you can throw a mattress in the pool, you can even call her a bitch, ho, slut, stripper, etc . . . . but don’t say that she’s been pimped out a million times, as Alicia said to Shannon during her fight with Valentina. Them are fighting words. Even Valentina clutches her pearls.

2) If you miss your on/off again’s boyfriend . . . find yourself a lesbian instead!

bad girls club, rocky, brittany

Rocky is strictly d*ckly, so she says. But the lack of male attention is getting to her, so she picks up Rice, a lesbian, at Einstein’s. A couple of days later, she invites her over and they hook up and SHE LIKES IT. She’s sticking with boys, but at least she now knows that if she ever goes to prison, she'll survive -- at least booty call-wise.

3) You are classy with mountains-worth of integrity even if you pop off every three seconds . . .

Bad Girls Club, Valentina, Shannon

Valentina likes to fight. It’s kind of her thing. What is also her thing is to brag about how much class she has. During this episode, she scream-advises Shannon to show some respect for herself at the club. You see, the world can see Shannon’s undies, and this is so embarrassing to Valentina. What apparently is NOT embarrassing to her is to act like a rabid dog in heat week after week on national TV.

What was your favorite lesson this week? 

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Bad Girls Club
Liz Out Loud
Mar 13, 2013
The Revolutionary War may have been in the 1700s, but it’s a history lesson that I think the ladies of the Bad Girls Club need to...

The Revolutionary War may have been in the 1700s, but it’s a history lesson that I think the ladies of the Bad Girls Club need to review. See, there were two sides: Great Britain and the Thirteen Colonies. The Thirteen Colonies fought the British in order to gain their independence. They won, and the United States of America was born. The end.

Now, there were a lot of things that happened during the War, but the key here is that there were two opposing sides and you always knew who your enemy was. The ladies of the Bad Girls Club are fighting quite the different battle, and I never know whose side anyone is on.

For example, last week Shannon and Paula got in a fight because Shannon was tired of being kosher. I’m simplifying, but that’s kind of my thing. So this week Shannon tells Paula she needs to apologize or else. Paula agrees. They’re not friends exactly, but at least they’ll be cordial towards each other.

Guess what party people? It’s Alicia’s birthday, so they are going to throw a party where I imagine they’ll play Pin the Tail on the Donkey and eat birthday cake and hit a piñata. Who am I kidding? They’ll get wasted, which really is no different than any other day but we’ll just ignore that. Alicia announces that the theme is costumes. What kind of costumes, you ask. SLUTTY costumes, of course, as we learn when Alicia, Stephanie, Valentina, and Rocky go shopping.

Meanwhile, the new girl that has come to replace Jenn arrives. Her name is Nancy, she’s 22, and from Memphis. She likes sex. Everyone is actually nice to her. Rocky and Shannon take her on a tour of the house and Rocky warns her not to get too drunk because these girls can be bullies. In fact, she was jumped when she first moved in.

Well, it’s time for some pearl clutching because this convo gets back to Valentina who flips the f*ck out. How DARE Rocky speak the, uh, truth? In fact, Valentina is so pissed that she wants to punch Rocky out! Thus, she’s a bully!

However, self awareness isn’t really Valentina’s thing. But that’s okay, because it’s now the next day and it’s time for Alicia’s birthday party! New girl Nancy jumps on the “Rocky is dumb” bandwagon when she remarks that she thinks Rocky can be such an airhead sometimes that it’s hard to “conversate” with her. I just have to smile. Irony, thy name is Nancy.

That night at the party, Rocky approaches Valentina and APOLOGIZES for saying that she was jumped. Whaaaaa? She’s all, “I didn’t say it was you, Valentina, just that I was jumped.” This isn’t good enough for the newly diagnosed (by me) batsh*t crazy Valentina. In the limo on the way back to the house, Alicia lectures Shannon on Rocky being fake. And my head spins.

Night falls and the sun rises. All of the girls go to a spa, sans Rocky and Shannon. I learn the most shocking thing I have ever learned in ten seasons of the Bad Girls Club: Stephanie the stripper has never gotten waxed before. I am genuinely shocked by this news.

That night the girls do their own things. Rocky and Shannon go to a gay bar while the rest of the chicks plan to go out to a club. But then they find out the club is closed so they stay home. Why don’t they just go to a different club? Hmmmmm.

On their way home, we learn that there are a few cracks in the strong bond between Shannon and Rocky. Rocky wants Shannon not to talk to the other girls because they walk all over her and she’s HER friend goddammit. Okay, we’re in high school again. Actually, more like middle school.

Back at the house Valentina starts screaming at Rocky about God knows what. Then she gets in Shannon’s face. See, this is the part where the whole enemy-thing-in-wartime gets a little mixed up. Valentina says she can f*ck with Shannon but not Rocky, and in this instance apparently being able to f*ck with someone is a compliment? I can’t tell. But Rocky starts screaming at Shannon, and then Valentina turns her attention towards Shannon also! She pushes her and then it’s ON.

Will Shannon fight back? We just have to wait till next week. Ughhhhh the suspense!

Till then—

Liz Out Loud

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Bad Girls Club
Liz Out Loud
Mar 6, 2013
Remember the phrase “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”? And you were all, sticks and stones...

Remember the phrase “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”? And you were all, sticks and stones are no big deal, broken bones are just temporary. Heck, WORDS are no big deal. It’s almost like you were a Man/Woman of Steel. You could take ANYTHING.

Well, week after week, we learn that these Bad Girls are quite bionic in their power. You knock one of these b*tches down, you call one of these cats a ho… and they are back up and fighting! And this week is no different.

We begin with what could POSSIBLY be the final frontier between Rocky and Jenn. Jenn, who used to just be your run-of-the-mill-good-time stripper, is now just your run-of-the-mill-cray-cray-rabid stripper. After arguing with Rocky in the limo over something stupid, she rushes back in the house ready to fight. Rocky is prepared this time. They go at it in the hall, Valentina jumps in to aid and abet Jenn, and before you know it security steps in.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. Right? Well, this time what DOES hurt Jenn is a kick 2 centimeters away from an eye… Rocky’s eye. Turns out Jenn placed her foot there. I want to say ever so gently, but I doubt it. The producers say because this could have blinded Rocky, it’s time for Jenn to go home. She’s quite devastated. Not at the pain she could have inflicted, but because SHE has to leave. How dare they?!

The next morning, Stephanie, Paula, and Alicia mourn Jenn’s departure. But why waste time on negative energy because there is a wet t-shirt contest to be had! All the remaining girls go to the bar where the competition will take place and guess who shows up??? The ever so beloved Derek J. from Hair Battle Spectacular and The Real Housewives of Atlanta! With his flowing tunic, short shorts, and chunky platforms, he fits RIGHT in with the rest of the red-blooded males at the club. Anyway, he asks the ladies to be models in a hair show the next day. They squeal with delight, which I take it means “yes.”

But onward, there are wet t-shirts to be seen! Rocky and Shannon compete. They writhe and contort their bodies just like they’re in a rap video. Valentina and I both puke in our mouths a bit. Ultimately, neither win. Ha!

Before you know it, it’s time for the hair show! The girls all go to Derek J.’s salon where they are tricked out. We’ve got Alicia looking like Strawberry Shortcake, Valentina seems to have a penis on her head, and Paula is channeling a FIERCE Pepe Le Pew. They go to the show and the audience gets to vote who is the best. They agree with me: Fierce Pepe Le Pew/Paula is declared the winner. WERK!

Right now everyone seems to be getting along, although Paula is not feeling Shannon. Sensing the tension, Shannon calls her Sugar Daddy, Mr. Yes, and tells him that she wants to knock Paula out. Now, I imagine my imaginary sugar daddy would say, “Don’t fight, Liz Out Loud, let me whisk you away on my private jet to a tropical island where we can frolic with dolphins!” But Shannon’s Sugar Daddy is all… crickets. “She’s all talk,” he says of Paula. Good advice there buddy!

As any good soldier does, Shannon prepares for battle just in case. As she swims laps, she reminds herself that she looks like a quarterback, that she has strong legs, and—wait for it—that she has a “one hitter quitter knock out punch.” She sounds like a 1950’s pulp novel.

Elsewhere in the house, one-time lesbian Stephanie is converting to being a heterosexual. She invites Andre over to have sex with her. Why not? But first she has a photo-shoot to do with Rocky with new hair extensions courtesy of Derek J.

Later on everyone is at the house again. Stephanie’s having good sex and the other ladies are playing drinking games. Except for Paula because she hates Shannon. Remember when Paula was the voice of reason? How things change.

At any rate, Paula goes to bed and the girls continue to be silly and loud, which pisses Paula off. But why get mad at everyone when Shannon is right there to blame. So the two of them start fighting. Security pulls them apart. The girls are proud of Shannon for sticking up for herself. How supportive!

In her talking head Shannon explains why she snapped, “I can only be so nice, so comprehensive, so kosher for so long.” Whaaaa? Homegirl sounds like she picked up a thesaurus and got confused.

So now it’s Paula vs. Shannon. Will the war last?

Till next time—

Liz Out Loud

Plus check out a sneak peek from Tuesday's SO new episode:

Bad Girls Club
Liz Out Loud
Feb 27, 2013

Sometimes, when things get stressful in my life, I will say “I need a drink.” As I am over the age of 21, this is perfectly okay to say and do as long as I am not driving a car or walking a puppy. However, after watching an episode of the Bad Girls Club, all I can think is I NEVER need a drink, because these chicks do it more than enough to cover the rest of the world’s population. I need water.

Luckily, when this week’s episode opens up, it is morning, and the girls aren’t drinking… yet. I think. Rocky tells Alicia and Valentina that she didn’t come to the house to be antagonized. I am just impressed that Rocky knows what the word “antagonize” means. You go girl!

Meanwhile, Paula, Stephanie and Jenn go out to lunch where it looks like they are drinking soda. Wise sage Paula continues to council wise a*s Jenn on her temper. She needs to rein it in and just let things be.

Because it is always five o’clock somewhere, Shannon and Rocky go out to do a little day drinking (we all knew this sober period would not last more than two hours.) Warrior Shannon declares that she and her partner in crime are known as “ShanRock.” Oh boy. Speaking of boys, a pair of gay ones approach ShanRock at their table. They love Rock’s boobs and Shan’s shoes. Flattered by the male attention, ShanRock invite them to do body shots. Outside. In the middle of the day. Hell, why not!

The next morning, a shirtless man arrives at the house. We’ve seen this before. As the audience gets ready for a stripper, it turns out nope, he’s just a deliveryman. And today’s he’s delivering the message that the girls are taking a road trip to Savannah! Woohoo!

In Savannah, the girls do what the girls do best. They get drunk! They go to a club where the owner asks them to break into teams and complete a scavenger hunt. Each girl on the winning team will get $100. They screech and squeal like they just won the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right. Now I am not exactly rolling in the dough, but let’s put this in perspective: $100 can buy you a pair of TOMS shoes and a couple of meals at Applebee’s, not a house. Hell, it probably can’t even buy you a pair of Lucite stripper heels from Ricky’s.

But that doesn’t keep the girls from competing HARD while they dash around Savannah looking for condoms, motor boating strangers, and giving lap dances to clueless men. In the end, the team with Valentina, Shannon, Rocky, and Alicia wins. Congrats! A drunk and celebratory Alicia apologizes to Shannon for holding a grudge. Shannon, who always acts like the world is out to get her, pretends to accept it, but she has her EYE on Alicia.

Everyone is getting along, even Jenn and Rocky. What a pleasant surprise. The next morning they go kayaking, Valentina does not know what this is. Okay then. Afterwards, they go to the beach where they bury Alicia in the sand and give her a sand-penis. Stay classy.

It’s their last night in Savannah, so the girls go to the club. Shannon and Rocky nurse Red Bulls while everyone else gets wasted. The next morning everyone is hung-over but they have to drive back to Atlanta. Shannon, Rocky, Alicia, and Valentina are in one car; Paula, Jenn, and Stephanie in the other.

ShanRock talk and talk and talk in the car, annoying Valentina and Alicia. Everyone arrives home. The next day, ShanRock prepare for battle by going to the gym. It’s them against the world, remember? That night, they all go out to a strip club called Diamonds of Atlanta, except for Stephanie the actual stripper. I guess she doesn’t want the competition?

We knew the peace would not last long, and sure enough an argument breaks out when the bill comes. Shannon wants to split the bill, but the other chicks say that she and Rocky ordered the bottle, and they should pay for it. Who the f*ck knows. Eventually they settle it but the ill will escalates in the limo. Rocky and Jenn start screaming at each other, and then Rocky tosses something at Jenn. And then what do you know? A brawl breaks out.

Jenn and Rocky are both ready for this moment. They continue their fight in the hall. And then, the episode ends.

What will happen next time? Will someone go home? Who??? I need to know!!!!!

Liz Out Loud

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Bad Girls Club
Liz Out Loud
Feb 21, 2013
Truth be told, I’ve never liked Sugar Daddies. Too sticky, too caramel-ly, and they take forever to eat. Sugar Babies, on the other...

Truth be told, I’ve never liked Sugar Daddies. Too sticky, too caramel-ly, and they take forever to eat. Sugar Babies, on the other hand, are my jam.

Shannon, however, is not me. Home girl LOVES a Sugar Daddy, even if he’s an old dude named Jerry who is so creepy that you’d plant him outside your house on Halloween to scare away kids. Shannon, in fact, loves him SO much that she shares him with her new BFF, Rocky/Raquel, when she puts her in the bed with him. Sure, Rocky may be drunk, but she needs a place to sleep! And what better place than by the side of a man who makes it rain with $1 bills.

As we know, this did NOT sit well with the other girls in the house, especially Alicia, who all of a sudden has developed an acute moral compass. What she has not developed, however, is good fashion sense. She’s still stuck in the 1980s with her Day Glo colored aerobics sweat suit.

While everyone is pissed off at her, Shannon tries to recruit Rocky to her team. She apologizes for putting her in the bed with Jerry, and now she has her back. How sweet!

Meanwhile, DJ Cypha invites the girls to the club PRONTO because he wants them to DJ with him. They all go except for Alicia who apparently has errands to run. Let’s hope it involves buying a new outfit.

The six other ladies head to the club where they audition for DJ Cypha. The best MC and DJ will get to spend an upcoming night with Cypha in the DJ booth. Oh exciting! In the end Paula is chosen as MC and Stephanie as DJ. Congrats!

That evening all seven girls head to sushi, then, you got it, the club! Busy busy. As she takes shots, Jenn gets progressively more upset at Rocky for no reason. After they leave the sushi restaurant in the limo, Jenn demands to go home. She says she wants to avoid drama because she doesn’t get along with Rocky. Okay, SEEMS like a mature decision… but then she explodes and attacks Rocky anyway. Okay then! At this point everyone is beginning to think that it’s Jenn who is the crazy one. Bout time.

Jenn ends up going home while the other girls go out to party. When they all finally arrive back at the house, Shannon and Rocky talk on the patio. Shannon spouts off some nonsense that she was born alone and that she’ll die alone. What, does she think she’s in the Marines? Calm down girl, you’re on the Bad Girls Club, not on some mission to save planet Earth.

The next day, Shannon continues her special training with Rocky. She teaches her how to react when her hair is pulled, when she’s knocked to the ground, etc… and I am floored. Meanwhile, Jenn’s on again/off again boyfriend Scott arrives at the house, along with his classy neck tattoos. After chilling out by the pool, they head into the shower together. Valentina and Stephanie watch.

That evening all of the girls sans Jenn, head to Luxe Lounge where Paula and Stephanie will take control of the booth with DJ Cypha. Jenn takes this time to mount Scott in the confessional. Young love!

The next morning, Shannon calls her OTHER sugar daddy, Mr. Yes. This one might just be classier than Jerry. He warns Shannon to stay focused and never let her guard down. She has to be ready at all times. What, is he a drill sergeant??? Actually, maybe. At any rate, she and Rocky head to the gym where they manage not to pass out from smoking too many ciggies.

Night falls, and what are seven girls supposed to do except go to a strip club? I have no idea! Scott will also be there because it is his birthday. This is going to be fun. Sure enough, Jenn flips out because he is, uh, dancing with a stripper at a strip club. Kids these days! She approaches the bouncer and demands that said stripper leave their area, because she is Jenn goddamnit! Everyone rolls their eyes. They are OVER Jenn’s drama.

They are also over peeing on the seat in public restrooms. Well, at least Rocky is. She follows Jenn into the bathroom and whines that there is, you got it, pee on the seat. Jenn storms out and doesn’t even say goodbye to Scott.

Everyone else soon follows and goes home. Jenn explains that she only popped off when Rocky snatched her after she admitted to pissing on the seat after she squatted over it. But no one really believes her. They know that she instigated it. Paula, who has emerged as the righteous mother hen of the house, tells her that she doesn’t need to fight. She could have been the bigger person and walked away. But what kind of fun would that be.

The tension between Jenn and Rocky is thick enough to cut with an industrial knife. Rocky is fed up with being attacked by Jenn, but Jenn is just petty. She warns the audience that ONE of them will go home. Who do you think it will be???

Till next time—

Liz Out Loud

Plus check out a sneak peek from Tuesday's SO new episode:

Bad Girls Club
Liz Out Loud
Feb 13, 2013
Confesh: I’ve never been to Atlanta, but I hear it’s a super cool city. If I were to live there in a big house for a few months...

Confesh: I’ve never been to Atlanta, but I hear it’s a super cool city. If I were to live there in a big house for a few months, I would do things like eat peaches, go to a Hawks or Braves game, and visit some museums. What I would not do is sit around all day and talk about how haunted my house is.

Thankfully, the ladies of the Bad Girls Club are NOT me, and they looooove a ghost. Especially Stephanie. She is so convinced that there are spirits lurking about, that she visits a psychic… in a cigar shop… with Alicia, Shannon, and Valentina. The mystic is all, uh, sure there’s a ghost. But then we know she’s a fraud when she also senses that Shannon has a brain. Ha!

They return to the house, and Shannon calls her “Sugar Daddy” Jerry and invites him to a party that they’re throwing over the weekend. She also warns him to bring lots of one dollar bills so he can make it rain. I am sure this is going to be one classy sugar daddy.

Since Nikki left last week, the girls are anticipating the arrival of their latest roommate. They see her life size picture and start critiquing her. Good for them, it’s ALWAYS wise to judge someone before you meet them!

The ladies are out go-karting when the new roommate shows up. Her name is Raquel but she goes by Rocky, she’s 21, from Cali, blah blah blah. Disgusted by how dirty the house is, she attempts to clean it using someone’s makeup brushes. How considerate!

Everyone returns to the house, and they’re not too mean, though they don’t gush over how beautiful she is as they did for Jenniffer. They go out to a lesbian bar, where Jen meets a chick named Cali. When Jen’s back is turned, Rocky starts grinding on her. Oh no she didn’t!

They go back to the house where a drunk Rocky eats one of Jenniffer’s Hot Pockets. Strike two! Paula is so offended by this act that she gets on her pulpit and starts lecturing about taking someone’s food. Not to be outdone, Jenniffer gets in Rocky’s face and, what do you know, they start fighting. It’s broken up and they all go to bed.

The next day the sun rises and it’s party time! Andre arrives with his crew. And then Sugar Daddy Jerry shows up and he looks more like a Sugar “Sketchy Second Cousin That You Don’t Invite to Christmas Eve Dinner Anymore,” if you know what I mean. But he brings bricks of dollar bills, so he’s a welcome guest!

The party starts hopping, and so does Sugar Daddy Jerry. He’s grinding on all the girls, sticking money in their bikini bottoms, you know, just being an all around good guy. Paula turns out to be the sole voice of reason in the house and finds Jerry as creepy as I do. But not Rocky! She’s loving all the attention. She’s dancing on tables, taking cash, the usual. Jennifer is annoyed by drunk Rocky so she throws her mattress in the pool. Alicia points out that ain’t any original sh*t, it’s a tradition in the Bad Girls Club house!

Jenniffer, however, does not stop there. She confronts Rocky again, and pours beer all over her. Don’t waste beer! She then grabs her by the ponytail, and that’s when security intervenes. In her talking head, Saint Shannon remarks that bullying is so lame… so why don’t you do something then??? Ugh.

A now topless Rocky (oh yeah, Jen pulled her clothes off. Forgot to mention that!) reacts by trashing everything. She throws all of Jen’s makeup and brushes in the toilet. Rocky has some sort of problem with makeup applicators… okay then.

Exhausted, Rocky passes out in her bed frame. Saint Shannon is so horrified by this that she takes her out and puts Rocky in her bed. With Jerry. How kind.

The next morning, Rocky wakes up miraculously forgetting everything. Jenniffer is also ready to put the previous evening behind her, so I guess that’s good. They’re ready to move on.

Alicia, however, points out that it is just a TAD disturbing that Shannon would put her very drunk friend in bed with a sketchy dude. Even if he’s a sugar daddy (ha!). All of a sudden Rocky is really upset about this too. But not because of what could have happened in that bed, but because everyone is going to think she’s a slut. Shannon apologizes, but Paula won’t let it go. She starts screaming at Shannon, who claims that she’s known Jerry for years, though she doesn’t know his last name. Hey, maybe he’s the Madonna of the Sugar Daddy kingdom? Who knows.

So now we have a hysterical Rocky, an apologetic Shannon, and a very angry household. This is certainly a recipe for peace. Not!

Till next week—

Liz Out Loud

Check out a sneak pekk of next Tuesday's SO new episode:

Bad Girls Club
Liz Out Loud
Feb 6, 2013
Yankees vs. Red Sox, Tupac vs. Biggie, and now Valentina and Nikki have joined the ranks of the fiercest foes of all time. Who knew? We...

Yankees vs. Red Sox, Tupac vs. Biggie, and now Valentina and Nikki have joined the ranks of the fiercest foes of all time. Who knew?

We begin this week where we left off: Valentina and a drunk Nikki get in a fight! What a shock! Alicia remarks in her talking head that Valentina’s “seventh sense” must have gone off. So she can see dead people and what else? What is the seventh sense??? Tell me!

A distraught Nikki calls her mom, who joins an army of classy Bad Girls parents when she encourages her daughter to punch. Nikki reacts by pouring chips all over Valentina’s vanity. Take that! Later on, however, she does Google how to fight two girls at once because a soldier always has to prepare for battle.

Valentina discovers her crap covered in Tostitos and… pours salsa all over them and digs in because why waste free food. Oh wait, that’s what I would do. Instead, Valentina pretends to not care, but then she squeezes lotion all over Nikki’s bed. Such bad a*ses!

Oops, I spoke too soon because they then go at it on the stairs. I can’t even keep track of how many times they’ve fought this season, and there have only been four episodes! Yikes! After the fight is broken up, Paula pulls Nikki aside and tells her to chill out. Stephanie, on the other hand, thinks that Nikki always plays the victim and she’s dooooone with her.

The girls split up to do different fun activities. Nikki goes to get a tetanus shot because Valentina bit her, that seems medically accurate. Not. Shannon and Stephanie hang out at the house, and Alicia, Valentina, and Paula frolic somewhere in Atlanta. Everyone at this point has pretty much turned against Nikki.

That evening, Shannon’s on-again-off-again boo, Ian, comes over. Shannon explains that he’s loose as a flip flop, whatever the hell that means. The other ladies are determined to get them both drunk so they’ll have sex. Valentina even leaves condoms on their bed. And I throw up a little in my mouth.

The next morning the girls discover a picture of the new girl. They all fawn over her because she’s so pretty! We, the lucky viewers, get to meet her before the house does. Her name is Jenniffer, she’s 21 and a stripper from Cali. Uh oh I feel a new East Coast/ West Coast rivalry coming on between Jenniffer and Stephanie! When she finally arrives, all the b*tches swoon over her like she’s 2001-era Britney Spears. Stephanie reverts back to her lesbian ways and lusts after Jenniffer, who turns out is trying girls out for the first time. Ka-ching!

Later on, everyone goes out to the club while Nikki stays home and plans her getaway. She calls Mommy Dearest and reveals that she’s about to explode and she’s afraid she’ll get violent. This time Mom actually suggests the mature solution… to go home! So go home Nikki does, packing her clothes into trash bags and hopping in a car to the airport. Sayonara!

The six girls arrive home later, and they’re drunk! Paula goes bananas when she realizes that Nikki has left the building without saying goodbye. She finally calms down when Jenniffer starts showing them her stripper moves.

The next day Shannon’s man Ian returns to the house with a bunch of friends who Valentina describes as “bottom of the barrel.” But sweetheart, they brought beer! Free drinks! At any rate, even though Ian bonked Shannon just days before, he starts flirting with any chick with a pulse. He tells Jenniffer he wants to watch her and Stephanie go at it. Everyone’s a little disgusted. Shannon confronts him, and he comforts her by saying that he would also like to see HER hook up with Stephanie too so she shouldn’t feel bad. What a gentleman. Shannon kicks him and his friends out. No one will disrespect her!

With the men out, the drama in the house is at a minimum. The girls start predicting who Nikki’s replacement will be. Jenniffer has a baaaaadddd feeling about this one.

So are dark clouds on the horizon? Will there ever be peace at the Bad Girls Club for more than 5 minutes? We’ll just have to wait and see . . . .

Till then—

Liz Out Loud

Check out a sneak peek from next week's SO new episode:

Bad Girls Club

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