Sneak Peek: Creepy Crab Legs

by Lindsay Hahn |

Is Puerto Rico ready for the Bad Girls?! When the ladies land in PR they're ready to turn up but, before that, they stop for some food and booze at local restaurant Ostra Cosa. Things get hot....and a little weird....when the owner starts to hand-feed them giant crab legs. Watch the girls get a little taste of what Puerto Rico has to offer in the Sneak Peek, and tune in tonight at 8/7c to watch the whole crabby situation unfold.


Sneak Peek: "That Is Some Fake Crap!"

by Oxygen Blogger |

The Fab 4 are totally done with Janelle in Episode 9, and ramp up their efforts to throw her out. Tiana gets in her face, and a pop off ensues. But where is Janelle's ally Andrea in her time of need? Answer: Nowhere! "I'm done being your bodyguard!" she yells. Janelle feels betrayed: "The moment there's an altercation, you just disappear?! That is some fake crap!" Watch the Sneak Peek, and watch the dramatic outcome Tuesday at 8/7c.


In Case You Missed It... Watch Episode 3 of 'Bad Girls Club: Miami'

by Lauren Zupkus |

Season 11 has seen Bad Girls come and go so much. It seems like forever ago that Sarah was public enemy number one... before Janelle was even a twinkle in the other girls' eyes. Alas, let's go back to the days where Sarah got the silent treatment, got locked in the phone booth, and only had her toy hippo to rely on. Relive the memories of Episode 3. Stream it here, and stay tuned for more Bad Girls Club: Miami Tuesdays at 8/7c. 


Sneak Peek: Andrea's Not in Kansas Anymore

by Lauren Zupkus |

Teresa's replacement Andrea is bursting with excitement when she arrives at the Miami mansion. It's too bad that her housemates aren't as enthused to get to know her. A self-proclaimed dumb blonde, Andrea is all about chugging beers and keepin' it country. She automatically bonds with fellow Barbie Janelle, but the rest of the girls aren't too interested in the meet and greet. Let's hope you are! Check out the Sneak Peek of Episode 7 here, and click inside to leave your first impression of Andrea in the comments section. Catch the next episode of Bad Girls Club: Miami Tuesday at 8/7c. 


In Case You Missed It... Watch the After Show with Janelle and Rocky!

by Lauren Zupkus |

On last night's Bad Girls Club: Miami After Show, host John caught up with Janelle and Rocky on everything from haters to hairdos. Janelle talks about how relieved she was when Rocky came through to the Miami mansion and showed her some much needed love. Rocky brings on a parade of special guests, including Zuly, a toddler, and a kitty kat. Yeah, we don't really know either. Tons of BGC fans sent in their questions and comments in our live chat and tweeting @BGCOnOxygen using the hashtag #AskaBadGirl. Did your question get answered? Stream the After Show here to find out! 


Sneak Peek: Rocky and Zuly Visit the Bad Girls!

by Lauren Zupkus |

In Episode 6 of Bad Girls Club: Miami, two of the baddest Bad Girl alumni pay a visit to the Season 11 ladies. As predicted, Rocky (Season 10) and Zuly (Season 9) stir up some serious drama among the current housemates. Constantly bullied herself during her time in the Bad Girls Club, Rocky quickly takes a liking to Janelle and tells her to stay strong against the haters. This frustrates Tiana, who says in the confessional, "This is a new season. You don't even know what's going on. Mind your business." Uh oh. Check out the Sneak Peek here, and be sure to tune into Bad Girls Club: Miami Tuesdays at 8/7c. 


Bonus Videos: Teresa the Therapist

by Lauren Zupkus |

We knew the Bad Girls Club was kind of a loony bin, but who knew it was equipped with a resident psychologist? There's something about Teresa that makes the other girls just want to vent to her. Maybe it's Teresa's chest piece tattoo of hands prying out a bleeding, broken heart that tips the other girls off that she's been through some hardcore sh*t. Since she usually takes a backseat to the drama (sans the drunken limo escapade) the tattooed beauty queen is always ready to lend her ear and give her perspective. In these bonus scenes, Teresa plays therapist as some of the Bad Girls open up. After a rough breakup with her boyfriend Ronnie, Tiana hits the club but isn't quite feeling herself. Teresa helps talk Tiana through it and shares some advice with her. In another video, Janelle, already the odd girl out in the house, has a heart-to-heart sesh with Teresa by the jacuzzi. Click inside for both videos, and watch Bad Girls Club: Miami Tuesdays at 8/7c. 


Sneak Peek: Don't Drink Janelle's Juice!

by Lauren Zupkus |

I guess Judi from All Star Battle wasn't the only one who loved her "special juice." On Episode 5 of Bad Girls Club: Miami, Janelle gets heated when Gina and her visitors use Janelle's lemonade to chase their shots. "Is that my f*ckin juice?!" she says in the confessional. Note to self: don't try to squeeze anything out of Janelle (particularly fresh fruit.) Luckily Shanae is willing to share her OJ, but Tiana and the other girls still think Janelle is petty. Watch the Sneak Peek here, and tune in tonight at 8/7c! 


Sneak Peek: Tiana's Crushing Hard on a Housemate

by Lauren Zupkus |

Love in the Bad Girls Club? Is it possible? In this Sneak Peek of Episode 5, Tiana is recently single and ready to mingle... with one of her fellow housemates! When Tiana and Gina leave the other girls behind and hit the club, Tiana divulges her little secret. She's got a crush on Gina! Will Gina take the bait? Only time will tell. Check out this clip, and tune into Bad Girls Club: Miami Tuesday at 8/7c to find out what happens! 


Bonus Interviews: Get to Know the New Girls

by Lauren Zupkus |

This week on Bad Girls Club: Miami, we said our tearful goodbyes to Sarah and Milyn. But no need to break out the tissues, because there are two new Bad Girls to get to know. Whether you love or hate Shanae's upbeat, ready-to-rage attitude and Janelle's self-proclaimed "bougie" style, there's no doubt that the BGC mansion won't be the same once these two settle in. Click to watch Janelle's interview to see why she thinks she's a Bad Girl, and then watch Shanae's video after the jump. 


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